Why You Should Get a Battery Storage with Your Solar Panels?

When you contact and understand solar panels, you should know that it is the best way to save bills for families now. Relying on the sun to generate electricity for families saves the high cost of electricity purchased from the power grid.

Solar Energy Operation Mode

The original solar system collects sunlight through solar panels and then converts direct current (DC) into current (AC) through inverters for household appliances. Although this power generation mode is more economical than the traditional diesel generator, but it is limited by the weather. If it’s cloudy or at night, you can’t use the sun to generate electricity for your home.

The current solar + energy storage battery power generation mode: collects the sun during the day and uses the inverter to convert the current. The converted current first supplies power to the household load, and when there is excess power, it flows to the energy storage battery for power storage. In this way, in case of cloudy days or extreme weather, the household power supply will not be affected. Just like the backup power supply of a mobile phone.

“Solar + Energy Storage” operation mode
Is solar energy worth installing?

When some people learn about solar energy and energy storage devices, they will find that these systems are not cheap and begin to think “Is solar energy really worth it?”

  • In some areas, the electricity charge at night is three times that during the day. Even if solar power generation can replace the power grid to purchase electricity during the day, the high electricity charge during the peak period of power consumption still cannot be saved.
  • Most solar batteries now use LiFePO4 and other materials with high stability and safety as cells. Generally, the battery life is about 10 years, and there is no need to spend more money to maintain it after installation.
  • Energy prices have soared in recent years. All countries are accumulating to seek and develop more economical and environmentally friendly energy for energy transformation, such as solar energy and wind energy.

In terms of various factors, solar energy and energy storage are the best solutions to these problems.

Government Support

In California, the government gives subsidies for solar energy: families who pay taxes and choose to pay one-time for solar energy can apply for a federal tax credit of 30% (30% of the total value of solar energy).

Germany, the number one country in the photovoltaic industry, has continuously reduced its subsidy policies. With the continuous reduction of subsidies, the phenomenon of rush loading began to appear in Germany.

At present, the Australian government has implemented subsidies for solar energy as high as $3400, which can easily recover the cost as soon as two and a half years.

There are not a few countries that have promoted solar energy in recent years. To encourage people to install solar, they have introduced subsidy policies, but some top PV countries have started to reduce or even eliminate subsidy policies because installing PV systems has become mainstream in these countries. However, many countries are still in the stage of encouraging people to recognize and install solar energy. Please grasp the best time to install solar energy systems!

In this era of energy transition, solar energy is the most mentioned way of generating electricity. Not only is it green and environmentally friendly, but after adding energy storage batteries, it can also achieve true energy independence for the family. That’s why we use and recommend solar power to add energy storage batteries.

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