Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Below is a list of frequently asked questions about battery energy storage systems, hybrid inverters for your home or business.

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What is home storage battery?

Home storage battery is a new type of energy storage method that is environmentally friendly and low-cost. The equipment can be charged through solar energy, wind energy or the grid. When fully charged, power will be stored locally to maintain power supply in case of power failure. Home storage battery can not only be used after a power failure, but also can be used in daily life to save electricity costs and even earn additional income.

What are the benefits to use home storage battery?

5 Benefits of GoKWh Home Storage Battery

Round-The-Clock power
Storage electricity in the home storage battery can protect you from the impact of power failure and maintain a 24-hour power supply for your house or business.

Save electricity expenses
The home storage battery can not only keep the power supply when you have a power failure, but also use to save electricity bills at ordinary. Charge the battery during the low power peak period, and the electricity stored in the battery is used during peak hours to reduce the electricity charge.

Gain additional benefits
When your home storage battery stored excess electricity, you can also sell the electricity to the local power grid for additional income.

No noise or air pollution
The home storage battery will not produce noise pollution. You don’t have to worry about being complained by neighbors when using the battery. In addition, LFP material is used in the battery, which will not produce fossil fuels that pollute the environment when using the battery, it’s more friendly to the earth.

Affordable to install
Home storage battery has a high investment in the early stage, but the subsequent maintenance cost is very low. And while saving electricity costs, some regional governments also have policies to encourage installation and recycling of electricity. The cost of installing the system today will be offset by the annual savings in electricity bills.

Why would I want to install a home storage battery when a generator is cheaper than a home storage system?

Traditional diesel generators are usually less expensive to purchase up front, but because it requires constant investment in fuel costs and maintenance, the follow-up costs are far greater than the up-front purchase cost. In addition, when diesel generators are used, burning fuel releases carbon dioxide and other substances into the air, which are harmful to the environment.

Although the initial investment cost of household energy storage batteries is relatively large, there is almost no maintenance and fuel expenditure in the follow-up. In the process of use, it will not emit any gas into the air and make noise.

So in the long run, home energy storage batteries are a more cost-effective, efficient, and cleaner option.

How does the home energy storage system work?

Home energy storage systems obtain electricity through solar panels or connected to the grid. When connecting the household load and the energy storage system at the same time, the solar energy or power grid will give priority to supplying power to the household load, and the energy storage system will be charged only when there is excess power.

When a power failure occurs in the home, the energy storage system will immediately identify when the power supply is interrupted, and automatically change the switch to use the energy storage battery to power the home without manual operation.

Do I need a permit for buy a home battery?

Yes, in most cities and regions, you need a license to install energy storage batteries in your home. About more information, please consult the local relevant departments.

How can I pay for my order?

GoKWh supports multiple payment methods including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards.

How can I see the status of my order?

You will receive a confirmation email when your order is placed. A second email with tracking information will be sent when your order is shipped.

When will I receive the GoKWh product I order?

Shipping time depends on the product you purchase and the destination location as a different product has different production time. Generally, after you submit the order and complete the payment, we will process the order for you within 7 working days, and it will be delivered in about 4-6 weeks.

Do you ship the products directly? And to what countries?

Yes, we ship worldwide. The shipping costs are based on the total weight of the order. You can see the shipping costs online when submitting your order request.

Can I cancel my order after it’s placed?

Unfortunately, once an order is placed it cannot be canceled within our system. If you are unhappy with an item in your order or change your mind, please reach out to our customer service staff or email to and they will work with you to allow a return and refund you for your order. If the item was listed as final sale, it cannot be returned.

What is the composition of GoKWh home storage system?

GoKWh home storage system is composed of multiple batteries and a built-in BMS system. The main material of the battery is LiFeP04(LFP).

In addition, GoKWh’s newly launched all-in-one energy storage system has a built-in inverter, which is more convenient to operate and use.

What is a Lithium-iron phosphate battery (Also called LiFePO4 battery, LFP battery)? And what are its advantages?

LFP battery uses LiFePO4 as the cathode material. The battery composed of LFP material has long service life, long cycle, large discharge power, high stability, high cost performance and is very friendly to the environment. The life cycle of each battery can be recycled more than 3000 times and used for about ten years. In the past, the cycle life of our commonly used lead-acid battery was less than 400 times, the service life was about two years, and the volume was large and bulky. In contrast, the performance of lithium battery is better than that of lead-acid battery, which is a new choice for people to buy batteries.

What is the BMS?

The BMS means Battery Management System. Its protection function when the battery is under over-charged, over-discharged, over-current, over-voltage, high and low-temperature situations, to ensure the excellent working performance of the battery.

Are there different sizes of home storage batteries?

GoKWh batteries come in a variety of sizes and models, and currently there are All-in-one, stacking, Wall-mounted, On-wheel, Rack and more. You can also buy several batteries of the same model to expand to get more power according to the standby time or the power consumption of the device.

Do I have to buy a special inverter?

We have a new series of HV and LV all-in-one energy storage system with built-in inverter, which do not require additional purchases.

In addition, other series of energy storage batteries of GoKWh is equipped with a high-performance BMS system, which can seamlessly connect and perfectly cooperate with inverters of mainstream brands on the market.
Compatible brands of LV system: SMA, Victron Energy, Deye, Goodwe, Growatt, Sermatec, etc.
Compatible brands of HV system: SMA, Goodwe, Growatt, Sermatec, etc.
If your inverter is not on the list, please contact us at

Do I have to use solar panels to charge the battery?

Not necessary. In the absence of installed solar panels, the GoKWh home battery has the option to charge the battery via the grid. Charging when electricity prices are cheapest and using energy storage batteries to power households during peak electricity prices can still save households on electricity bills.

When I fully charge the home storage battery, how long will the electricity supply be available? (Such as: houses, companies, farms, etc).

The home energy storage system can continuously supply power to multiple household appliances, and the power supply time needs to be different according to your power consumption needs and battery capacity. It is generally divided into three modes: emergency power, partial power and whole-house backup power. Once fully charged, it can stand by for about 4-12 hours.

You can also provide us with the total power consumption of the appliances that need to be powered so we can answer your question more accurately.

How long can GoKWh home storage battery generally be used?

The GoKWh home battery has a maintenance-free design, it just needs to be protected from extreme temperature changes. The battery cell is made of LFP material, which has high stability and safety without special protection. The battery can generally be used for 10-15 years, and the number of cycles can reach more than 6000 times. 

Can my GoKWh battery be recycled when its service life is over?

YES! The recycling rate of the LFP material used in the battery reaches 99%. If you need to recycle, please contact the relevant local personnel.
Let’s make the environment get better!

Install & After Sale
Can I install the home energy storage system by myself?

If you are a licensed professional electrician, of course you can! However, it is necessary to strictly follow the product installation instructions, otherwise there will be potential safety hazards.

If not, seek out a professional installer or a GokWh authorized installer to help you. Installation usually takes half a day. The specific installation time and price are determined according to the actual product, equipment connection, etc. If you are going to add energy storage to your existing solar panels, you will also need to connect the battery to the load panel. So please plan ahead!

Where should I install the battery?

Generally, the battery is installed or placed on the floor or wall indoors or outdoors, and the specific installation method is determined by the type of product you purchase. Please be careful to install the battery away from fire, stove or direct sunlight, do not use it in hot weather or store it in the car. Failure to do so may cause the battery to heat up, explode or catch fire, and may also result in reduced battery performance and shortened service life. 

What can I do if there is a problem with the GoKWh’s battery received or the goods need to be returned?

We offer a warranty policy to the original owner (non-transferable) of all products:

a. 5 years product warranty

b. 10 years performance warranty

Details of the warranty policy can be found on our Warranty/Returns page.