GoKWh is committed to bringing homeowners and business owners the best energy storage system to help them obtain clean, affordable and independent energy.

Our Company

Dongguan GoKWh Technology Co., Ltd. was founded on the belief that we believe battery energy storage systems will radically transform the way we interact with energy. They’ll make solar energy a no-brainer for many more homes and businesses, bring greater independence from traditional utilities, and open the door to a great diversity of energy options. Every GoKWh product you buy is manufactured by a team of caring engineers in China, who are proud of our products and win customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our outstanding team and state-of-the-art facilities allow us to create high-quality household energy storage and lithium battery products that you can’t find anywhere else. GoKWh is committed to building strong relationships with customers, distributors, suppliers and employees, which is essential to building and strengthening our business. We provide customers with almost endless support.

Our Initiative

Environmental Action

 We’re all concerned about protecting the environment, and we strive to do our part to reduce pollution and resource consumption. GoKWh chooses LiFePO4 batteries, LiFePo4 batteries are an excellent choice for enabling renewable energy like wind and solar and for minimizing the consequences of resource extraction. Our focus on renewable energy sources helps protect the planet and keeps our future looking bright.

Shrink Your Carbon Footprint 

Fossil fuel-based power plants release tons of harmful greenhouse gasses, including CO2 emissions, into the atmosphere. Batteries can store energy from renewable sources like solar and wind, helping to energy supply and dramatically reduces your carbon footprint.

Sustainable Value

Solar energy creation is dependent on sunlight, and wind energy is harnessed when it is windy. Such challenges require a storage solution such as lithium-ion batteries. They enable renewable energy generation to be stored until required.

GoKWh’s development of affordable battery storage is increasingly being looked at as an indispensable component of sustainability.