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Clean Energy Creates Green Future

GoKWh has always believed that energy can change lives and protect our beautiful environment while improving the quality of life. The emergence of power storage systems also confirms the philosophy on which our company was founded. Bringing energy independence to countless homes and businesses while protecting the planet is exactly what we want to do and are doing.

Maintain power supply
Save high electricity bills
Extra income
Cleaner energy

GoKWh’s Blog

Everything you need to know about renewable energy, home energy storage and how GoKWh is innovating.

How Much Battery Energy Storage Do You Need?

Before buying, you may ask: How much power do I need for solar batteries in my home? Just like pure solar systems, the size of a rechargeable solar cell system depends on your unique energy needs and habits.

Why you should get a battery storage with your solar panels_By GoKWh
Why You Should Get a Battery Storage with Your Solar Panels?

When you contact and understand solar panels, you should know that it is the best way to save bills for families now. Relying on the sun to generate electricity for families saves the high cost of purchasing electricity.

Home Battery Storage 101
Home Battery Storage 101

In order for you to obtain cheaper and cleaner electric energy, the energy storage battery 101 can help you to better understand the related knowledge of energy storage.Here’s what you need to know before choosing a solar energy storage battery for your home.

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