GoKWh 10kWh HV Stacked Energy Storage System

GoKWh HV stacked energy storage system has high security and IP65 waterproof performance, plug and play and supports module stacking expansion. High-voltage design and five capacities allow homes and businesses to enjoy full energy independence.


Main Parameter

Model: GO-STACK-HV 10

Number of Battery Modules: 2

Cell Technology: Lithium-iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)

Nominal Energy: 10.2kWh

Usable Energy: 10kWh

Rate Voltage: /

Max. Cont. Charge Power: 5kW

Max. Cont. Discharge Power: 5kW

Round-Trip Efficiency: 98%

Dimensions(L/W/H): 700*370*540mm

Weight: 121.7kg

Installation: Stacking

Certification: CE/ IEC62619/ UN38.3

Warranty: 10 Years


Electrical Parameter(Each Battery Module)

Nominal Voltage: 102.4V

Nominal Capacity: 52Ah

Nominal Energy: 5.32 kWh

Charging Cut-Off Voltage: 115.2 V

Discharge Cut-Off Voltage: 80 V

Max. Cont. Charge Current: 40A

Max. Cont. Discharge Current: 40A

Rated Output Power: 3kW

Peak Output Power: 4kW

DoD (Depth of Discharge): 100%


General Parameter

Cycle Life: ≥6000 Times (80%DoD)

Service Life: 10 Years

Protection Rating: IP65

Communication: CAN

Alarm: Over Charge/ Over Discharge/ Over Current/ Short Circuit

Charge Temperature Range: 0℃~50℃ (Under 0℃ extra heating mechanism)

Discharge Temperature Range: -10℃~50℃ (Under 0℃work with reduced capacity)

Storage Temperature Range: -10℃~45℃ @ 60%±25% relative humidity


Compatible Inverters

Growatt, Megarevo

* Compatible tests with different brands of inverter are continuously, updates will be periodically.

** Under specific test conditions.

*** Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

  • High Security

Adopted the most stable and safe lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery.


  • High Voltage System

More energy and power from higher operational efficiency.


  • Plug and Play

Modular assembly, no extra exposed wires, easy to assemble and expand.


  • Free Expansion

6 battery modules can be stacked, and up to 30kWh of power can be easily obtained.


  • IP65 Rated

Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation for maximum flexibility.


  • Perfect Match

Compatible with inverters of most mainstream brands on the market.


GO-STACK-HV_GoKWh HV Stacked Energy Storage System Datasheet Cover

GO-STACK-HV 10-15-20-25-30_GoKWh HV Stacked Energy Storage System


1. What is the battery capacity and power?

GO-STACK-HV has a rated capacity of 5kWh per battery module. Each battery pack can be stacked up to 6 modules, and the capacity can be expanded to 30kWh. It can meet the base load of your home and business.


2. Do you need to maintain the energy storage system frequently?

Qualitative models usually require little maintenance, but you should have your energy storage checked by an expert once a year.

3. What type of battery does the GO-STACK-HV energy storage system use?

GO-STACK-HV energy storage system adopts the only latest lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, which has longer service life, high stability and safety, and is very friendly to the environment.

4. Can the GO-STACK-HV energy storage system only be used at home?

No, it can be widely used in homes and business.

5. Where can GO-STACK-HV Energy Storage System be installed?

GO-STACK-HV energy storage system can be installed at home by stacking. Plug and play, no extra lines exposed, exquisite and simple design will not destroy your existing home style. It can also be used as a home decoration.

Follow our advice:

– Keep GO-STACK-HV away from children and pets

– Protect the GO-STACK-HV from water and dust – do not place a vase on top of your device, although it has an IP65 rating for water and dust resistance! Choose a place without sudden temperature changes to avoid condensation of water vapor inside the GO-STACK. Do not place flammable materials directly next to the equipment. Make sure the vents are open, clean and at least 20cm away from any other objects.