Russia-Ukraine war: Why Energy Independence?

In 2022, Russia launched a war against Ukraine. The outbreak of the war has prompted the United States and the European Union to impose tough economic sanctions on the Russian aggression, including not buying energy fuels from Russia.

Now that electricity consumption is so high, the lack of fuel sources will limit the development of many countries, from the national economy to the small family life. All countries are looking for ways to actively demand energy. At this time, energy independence has become a hot topic of discussion. With this article, explain why we need energy independence.

Energy Status

Russia is not only the largest exporter of natural gas and the second largest exporter of oil in the global market but also the largest supplier of energy and fuel to Europe. As of October 2021, Russia provided the EU with 25% of its oil imports, three times as much as the second-largest trading partner. Although countries are transitioning to new energy power generation, oil and natural gas are still the most important power generation methods and rely on foreign imports. The war and sanctions have undoubtedly sent fuel prices soaring, pushing oil and gas prices to their highest levels in nearly a decade.

On the other hand, in a show of solidarity with Ukraine and sanctions against Russia, the EU recently decided to gradually cut Russia’s oil imports by 75%, expanding to 90% by the end of the year. On May 31, the New York Times commented: “The EU has made the greatest self-sacrifice and imposed the toughest economic sanctions on Russia.” Many countries within the EU are actively seeking to buy fuel from other countries or consider other alternatives to energy.

Therefore, in recent years, due to the significant increase in fuel costs for power generation due to the COVID-19 epidemic and war factors, electricity bills in various countries have soared to varying degrees. For example, in the United States, in the latest EIA statistics in February, the average electricity price in the United States has reached 13.83 cents per kWh; most electricity retailers in Australia charge 25 to 40 cents per kWh. With electricity bills so high, achieving energy independence has become a top priority for the country and every household.

Benefits of Energy Independence

Equip your home or business with solar panels and energy storage batteries of sufficient capacity. Collect solar energy during the day to power the load and charge the battery, and use the energy storage battery to generate electricity for the load at night. The whole process of power generation and electricity consumption in the home can be self-sufficient and true energy independent.

Independent energy is not only able to deal with the problem of high electricity prices brought about by the Russian-Ukrainian war in the short term, but also has many benefits in the long run of daily life.

(1) As an emergency plan

If you live near the war zone, the local power grid may be damaged during the attack by both sides, resulting in the inability to generate electricity for the facilities and the difficulty for people to maintain their normal lives. In addition, the United States and other regions, are often attacked by storms and hurricanes, and the power grid is easy to stop generating electricity due to various extreme weather. During the period when the power supply or maintenance of the power grid is stopped, families who have achieved energy independence do not need to worry about when the power outage will affect their normal daily life – because their electricity is self-sufficient.

Even families without solar panels can use the power grid to charge the energy storage battery in advance to prepare for emergencies. Energy independence provides complete security for families and businesses.

(2) As energy conversion

In daily life, energy independence can provide budget stability for electricity bills. Because solar energy is not the same as fuel energy, fuel prices will fluctuate frequently due to international relations, wars, epidemics, market supply and demand and other reasons. For the solar system, you may only pay part of the costs of early purchase, installation and subsequent maintenance, but these costs are predictable, and these payments are not like purchasing power from the grid, which is long-term and expensive.

In addition, another advantage of energy independence is environmental protection. In the process of power generation, no harmful substances will be discharged into the air. At the end of the battery life, if they are recycled, the whole process can reduce a lot of carbon emissions to the earth. The old mainstream thermal power generation is an important factor causing environmental pollution. It will release a lot of harmful substances such as carbon dioxide and dust into the air in the process of power generation, which will bring a huge burden to the earth and the environment.

Development Prospect of Energy Independence

According to statistics, in the more developed countries, the development of renewable energy is being promoted. The rising fuel costs brought about by the outbreak of the Ukrainian-Russian War have pressed the fast-forward button for energy transition and energy independence.

Among them, in the U.S, renewable energy accounts for nearly 20% of the total power generation in the United States. Driven by various factors, the United States vigorously develops solar and wind power generation on the basis of maintaining a considerable amount of nuclear power generation. Among them, solar power generation may also become the main force in the development of renewable energy in the United States.

In a draft government policy published in February, German leaders are seeking to accelerate the transition to renewable energy, aiming to supply all of its electricity needs by 2035.

Countries are promoting the development of renewable energy, especially solar power generation, and some countries and regions have also set up subsidy policies for household installation of solar energy. Energy independence must be the general trend. After the realization of independence, it will not rely on foreign imported fuel to obtain electricity, and it can also protect the environment while ensuring power supply.

Of course, the energy independence of homes and businesses is the foundation of a nation’s energy independence. Are you still hesitating?

In general, energy independence can make you no longer worry about fluctuations in electricity prices and sudden power cuts, while protecting the environment.

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