How Long Will A 10kWh Home Battery Last In A Blackout?

With the progress of science and technology, electricity has become an irreplaceable thing in our life. But now most families, businesses, or farms rely on the power grid for power generation, which will cause power outages in case of extreme weather or other reasons. However, adding energy storage batteries to your equipment can greatly reduce the impact of power outages.

Based on the average household electricity consumption, generally a 10kwh battery is sufficient. However, many people worry about battery duration, which is usually affected by several factors:

  • Battery capacity -When the same device is connected, the larger the battery capacity, the longer the duration
  • Power consumption mode -When the energy storage battery is used in different power consumption modes, its battery life will also change. The two most common are emergency power and whole-house backup.
  • Power of connected appliances -The battery life also depends on the power of the appliances. The higher the power of the appliance, the more power it consumes and the shorter the duration, and vice versa.
  • Other factors -The battery will also be affected by round-trip efficiency, service loss and residual power during use.
Application Reference

It is assumed that the battery is on standby under the condition of no loss and full charge of 10kWh.

  • Emergency power

In case of sudden power failure in extreme weather, some essential appliances need to be connected to the backup power supply immediately to maintain operation.

10kWh battery is connected to refrigerator, electric lamp and microwave oven, which can maintain household power supply for about 10 hours.

If you only need to power the refrigerator, the battery can last 25 hours.

  • Whole-house backup

Generally, a 10kwh can meet the emergency power consumption of the family, but if you want to connect all the loads of the family, you need more batteries.

We have listed the basic appliances that a household would have: lights, refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines, TV and computers. The 10kwh battery will keep powering the home for 4 hours if all these appliances are connected to the battery unit.

Anyway, each family needs to be equipped with different appliances. 10kwh power may be too much for some families and too little for others. The selection of batteries varies from person to person. Please select the most suitable “solar collector” according to the actual situation.

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