GoKWh 5K Single Phase Hybrid Inverter

GOKWh’s inverter supports seamless switching between grid-connected and off-grid, intelligently manage energy devices, and support WiFi and GPRS wireless monitoring modes. Adopt IP65 protection grade, suitable for harsh environment, long-term continuous and reliable operation.



PV Parameters

Maximum Output Power: 6000W

Maximum DC Voltage: 580A

Maximum Input Current: 11A/ 11A

DC Overcurrent Protection: 14A

MPPT Voltage Range: 125V~550V

MPPT Input Circuit Number: 2

Battery Parameters

Battery Type: Lithium battery

Battery Voltage Range: 40V~58V

Rated Battery Voltage: 48V

Maximum Charge and Discharge Efficiency: 95%/ 94%

Maximum Charge and Discharge Current : 70A/ 100A

AC Side Parameters

Rated Power Grid Power: 5000W

Power Grid Voltage Range: 170V-280V

Rated Power Grid Frequency: 50/ 60Hz

Maximum AC Input/ Output Current: 22.8A/ 22.8A

Power Factor: -0.8 overexcited, 0.8underexcited

THDi: <3%

Load Side Parameters

Rated Power: 5000W

Maximum Output Current: 22.8A

Overcurrent Protection Rated: 21.7A

Power Factor: -0.8 overexcited, 0.8underexcited

THDi: <3%


MPPT Power: 99.9%

European Efficiency: 97%

Max. Efficiency: 97.6%

Conventional Parameters

Dimension(Width/Height/Thickness): 495*516*152mm

Weight: <25kg

Operating Temperature: -25℃~60℃

Noise Index: 25dB

Relative Humidity: 0%~95%

Operating Altitude: <2000

Cooling Mode: Natural Cooling

Protection Level: IP65

Protective Function

Anti-islanding Protection: YES

DC Switch (PV): YES

Output Overcurrent Protection: YES

Output Overvoltage Protection: YES

Output Short Circuit Protection: YES


Display: LED

Communication Interface: RS485/ WIFI/ GPRS

Quality Guarantee: 5 Years Product Warranty / 10 Years Performance Warranty


  • Faster & Bigger

The charging and discharging speed is faster, the charging and discharging current is bigger.

  • High Level Protection

IP65, suitable for indoor and outdoor, reliable operation in the face of extreme weather.

  • Intelligent Management

Support WiFi and GPRS wireless monitoring, and realize unmanned operation without EMS.

  • Ultra Fast Switching

On-grid and off-grid seamless switching, and on/off grid swith time < 1 Oms.

  • Superior Performance

Strong output capacity and high load adaptability. Full power output in off grid state.



GO-5K-TL-SG_GoKWh 5kWh Single Phase Hybrid Inverter Datasheet


1. What is an inverter?

An inverter takes DC power( from a battery or solar panel, for example) and converts it into alternating current( AC) “household” power for running electronic equipment and appliances.

2. How to buy a solar inverter for grid-tied system?

When buying a solar inverter, the first consideration is the scale of the PV on grid power station. The second consideration is efficiency. Efficiency is directly linked to power generation. Finally, reliability should be considered.

3. How to improve the service life of solar inverter?

The designed service life of the PV solar inverter released from the factory is the same, but the real service life will be greatly affected by installation, operation and maintenance factors. To improve solar inverter service life, firstly a good installation environment shall be created to avoid the poor environment’s influence. On the other hand, the inverter shall be inspected frequently to find out any abnormal noise, odorless, abnormally high temperature or impurity. The inverter shall be maintained in clean status and the heat radiation pipe shall be smooth. The wire shall also be well connected.

4. What are the important things when using a power inverter?

The power inverter output voltage is 220V AC or 110V AC. When in a relatively small space and moveable state, people should pay special attention to it. It is best to place a power inverter in a safe place to prevent electric shock. When not in use, be sure to cut off its power.