GoKWh 358V 35.8kWh All-In-One HV Stack Energy Storage System

The new HV all-in-one series is equipped with MPPT to closely monitor the battery status. Photovoltaic or power charging can be switched arbitrarily to fully enjoy energy independence. Support module expansion, three capacity voltages for home and enterprise use.


System Specification

Model: GO-AIO-HV 35.8
Number of Battery Modules: 7
Cell Technology: Lithium-iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Nominal DC Voltage: 358.4V
Nominal Energy: 35.8kWh
Usable Energy: 35.1kWh
Round-Trip Efficiency: 98%
Dimensions(L/W/H): 830*560*1680mm
Weight: 456kg
Installation: Indoor, Stacking
Warranty: 5 Years Product Warranty / 10 Years Performance Warranty

Inverter Specification

Phase: Three Phase


Maximum PV Input Power: 14000W
Nominal DC Voltage / Maximum DC Voltage: 1000V
Start-up Voltage: 720V
MPPT Voltage Range: 200V~880V
Number of MPP Trackers / Maximum Input Current: 2/12.5A


Rate AC Output Power:10000VA
Rated Grid Voltage: 400V/230V; 380V/220V
AC Output Frequency: 50/ 60Hz
Rated AC Current:14.5A
Maximum Output Current:16.7A
PF: 0.8cap~0.8ind
Output HDI: <3%
Display: SOC status indicator, LCD Indicator
Communication: RS485, Wi-Fi, GPRS


Rated Power:10000W
Rated Grid Voltage: 400V/380V
Grid Type: 3/N/PE
Rated Frequency:50/ 60Hz
Rated AC Current: 14.5A
Max. AC Current: 16A
Total Harmonic Distortion THD: <3%
Peak Power(W) Continuous@Ta=25:11kW@30min/ 13kW@5min/ 15kW@5s

Battery Specification(Each battery module)

Module Capacity: 100Ah
Module Nominal Voltage: 51.2V
Max. Cont. Discharging Current: 100A
Max. Charging/ Discharge Current: 100A
Charge Temperature Range: 0ºC~60ºC (Under 0ºC extra heating mechanism)
Discharge Temperature Range: -20ºC~60ºC (Under 0ºCwork with reduced capacity)
Storage Temperature Range: -40ºC~55ºC @ 60%±25% relative humidity
Scalability: Max. 7 Modules in Parallel Series
Cycle Life: ≥6000 Times (80%DoD)
Service Life: 10 Years

  • High Cost Performance

6000 cycles, 10 years of service life, providing long-term energy for your home.

  • Reduce Investment

Integrated design, no separate investment in inverter.

  • High Precision

MPPT monitors electricity meters with high precision and ensures maximum utilization of solar energy.

  • Plug and Play

Modular assembly, no extra exposed wires, easy to assemble and expand.

  • Intelligent Management

Support WiFi and GPRS wireless monitoring, and realize unmanned operation without EMS.




GO-AIO-HV_GoKWh All-in-one Energy Storage System Datasheet


1. What type of battery is used in GO-AIO-HV Energy Storage System?

GO-AIO-HV Energy Storage System uses is only up-to-date lithium-iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery with an extended life cycle, high stability and safety. And is very friendly to the environment.

2. Do I have to use solar panels to charge the battery?

Not necessary. Without solar panels, GO-AIO-HV battery storage can be charged through the gird. Charge when electricity is cheapest and discharge when it is most expensive, so as to save cost.

3. Do I have to buy a special inverter before I install GO-AIO-HV energy storage system?

The GO-AIO-HV ESS series with the high compatibility BMS, built-in inverter, no need to purchase additionally, saving extra bills.

4. Can this model be used at home?

Of course YES. In Europe, the household electricity voltage is 220-240V, and the low-voltage storage battery cannot withstand high-voltage input. And this HV all-in-one battery is specially designed for high-voltage households, plug and play, no extra exposed wires, safe and beautiful.

5. If I have a PV system already installed, can I add GO-AIO-HV energy storage systems afterward?

Yes, If you already have a PV array, you can create an AC-coupled system to add energy storage.